Learn to play the cards right

Seeing 007 in casino royal might have excited you up to sit at a table in a casino and like him win a couple of million dollars in one sitting. While nobody can promise you the latter; there is one thing that you can make sure of, and that is to play it as he did. The charisma that he brought to the table was not only limited to his poker face and knowledge of the rules of the game. But also in the manner in which he conducted himself during the game. It would be best if you learned the basics of Poker Card Game Rules so that you can at least have the same confidence that 007 does when he sits on the table.

Ps: (007 is playing Texas hold ’em poker before you think it was a game of baccarat which it initially was but was soon replaced with no limits.)

Now, getting back to dealing the cards right, a game of poker begins way before the cards are dealt or before you make your first move.

Poker is a game that is enjoyed worldwide in every place where card games are played, both physically and online. You may consider yourself very lucky, but the game requires more than just luck to be won.

  • Let us start with something that is practised across all significant establishments, and players are permitted to call for a change of cards anytime they wish the deck of cards being used should be changed, that is before they have been cut or dealt.
  • A hand of poker consists of five cards, there are various combinations that one might have, and different combinations hold different values that have rankings which allow one hand to win over the other.
  • The player holding the hand that ranks the highest wins and takes home the pot money, the next few points will let you know the ranking order of the different indicators. The order of the ranking follows in this manner; the “Royal flush” is the strongest of all the possible hands followed by a “straight flush” then “four of a kind” which is then followed by a “full house” then a “flush” and a “straight” then comes “three of a kind” in the ranking followed by “two pairs” and then “one pair”, and the last in the ranking is a hand that is decided by the highest card in the set called a “high card.”

Players are called upon to act, and one may take one of the following actions in their turn.

  • Check, bet, fold, call or raise these are the following actions that can be taken during the chance of a player, the player according to his/her strategy or gameplay makes a choice, and the game continues moving in the clockwise direction around the table.
  • Once everybody has taken action, the next card is dealt, or the hand is completed.
  • Upon making the last bet or raise a showdown happens, the active players are required to either declare or show their cards, and the winner is decided according to the highest-ranking hand in the manner mentioned above.

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