Corry Evans Won’t Play for Northern Ireland in Euro Qualifiers

One of the most trusted center backs of Northern Ireland Corry Evans is ruled out of the Northern Ireland squad for the Euro 2020 qualifier playoff final as he has been diagnosed with an injury.

The Blackburn Rovers center back has to wait for his recovery to play for his national team if they can make it to the preliminary round of the Euro 2020. The injury has not only finished his chance to play for his country in the Euro 2020 qualifier final but from the upcoming matches against Austria and Romania in their fixture of Nations League. According to Blackburn Rovers, the experienced campaigner is suffering from a hamstring pull during the match against QPR this Saturday. He also suffered from a horrible facial injury which happened during the second half of the league in January. As soon as he recovered from the injury, he got onto the field to play professional football. Now he is injured again and will miss some crucial matches for his team.

The team has arranged for all his treatments and is all set to bring him into playing conditions as soon as possible. His injury will be scanned and according to the report, the treatment will be continued. The doctors will definitely try to get him recovered as soon as possible. But it doesn’t look possible for him to get to the field before at least a month. Along with the fans of Blackburn Rovers, the Irish man is also upset as he is not going to take part in the matches for his country. He has played 63 matches so far for the national team where he has scored 2 goals too. This is why he turned into a reliable player for his team but unfortunately will have to stay out of the games.

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